Emergency Department

emergencyIn an emergency, call 911 immediately.

Within our Emergency Department, you can expect to receive comprehensive emergency care from highly trained, experienced staff. Our goal is to meet your medical needs in a safe and high quality manner. The Emergency Department staff at Grand View Health prioritizes care based on the seriousness of a patient’s medical needs.

For information about Medic 151 – our ambulance/transport services, click here.

If you have questions about your insurance, please talk to your insurance company, HMO or family doctor. Be prepared to pay co-pays at the time of your visit to the Emergency Department.

For Emergency Room Patients

Patients within the Emergency Department at Grand View Health can expect the following during a typical visit:

  • Evaluation
    The nurse will check you to determine how serious your injury or illness is. This will decide in what order you will see the doctor.  If possible, bring a list of current medications you’re taking.
  • Registration
    Sometime during your Emergency Department visit, you will need to register. If you are seriously ill or injured, this will happen while your condition is being stabalized. Otherwise, you will register as soon as the triage nurse has seen you.
  • Evaluation & Treatment
    In the treatment area, a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant will evaluate and treat you. If needed, you will undergo tests so we can learn more about your illness or injury. In most cases, this takes between two and three hours.
  • Re-Evaluation & Decision Making
    After we have your test results, your doctor or another staff member will check you again. We will tell you if it is safe for you to leave. We may suggest that you stay in the hospital for further treatment. A specialist may help us make this decision.
  • Admission or Discharge
    If you need to be admitted, you will go to a nursing unit. Usually, this unit specializes in the type of treatment you need. If no beds are available in the hospital, you may remain in the Emergency Department for some time. If you are well enough to go home, we will instruct you about the care you will need. This may include medications. We will also tell you whether you need to see your family doctor or a specialist.