Breast Cancer Program

Breast Cancer Program at Grand View Hospital

A leader in breast cancer care for Upper Bucks and Northeastern Montgomery counties. Grand View Hospital’s Breast Cancer Program provides you with aggressive treatment options, comprehensive therapy services, and a supportive staff.

Breast Cancer Treatments at Grand View Hospital
At Grand View, we offer many options to treat breast cancer, reduce the risk of re-occurrence, determine the cancer’s spread, and help save the breast such as:

  • Hormone Therapy – In addition to chemotherapy and radiation therapy Grand View also offers Hormone therapy. Hormone therapy controls the growth of breast cancer by blocking production of the female hormone estrogen, which often promotes growth of the disease. This type of therapy is effective in treating cancers that react to estrogen.
  • Surgical Breast Cancer Treatments – options offered as part of our Regional Cancer Program include:
    • Lumpectomy – Appropriate if you have smaller tumors found in the early stages of the disease, lumpectomy involves the removal of:
      • The cancer rather than the entire breast
      • A small amount of normal tissue around the cancer
      • Lymph nodes under the arm
    • Mastectomy - Appropriate depending on your needs, mastectomy involves the removal of:
      • The entire breast containing the cancer
      • Lymph nodes under the arm

Methods to Determine the Cancer’s Spread
Following breast cancer surgery, you will undergo a diagnostic procedure to determine whether your cancer has spread beyond the breast. At Grand View, we offer two main diagnostic methods:

  • Sentinel Node Biopsy
    Often used when cancer is found in its early stages, sentinel node biopsy determines if breast cancer has spread to lymph nodes under the arm by removing one to a few lymph nodes. When compared to other procedures, research indicates this option may result in:

    • Less pain
    • Fewer complications
  • Axillary Lymph Node Dissection
    Axillary lymph node dissection removes tissue from under the arm

Breast Care Coordinator at Grand View Hospital
A registered nurse, your Breast Care Coordinator makes the process of detecting problems and getting better as soon as possible.

The Breast Care Coordinator will:

  • Inform you about services and treatment options
  • Assist you in scheduling appointments
  • Provide support and education in regard to breast health issues
  • Link you with second-opinion services upon request