You’re preparing a daytime snack when an apple falls to the floor. It used to be a breeze to pick it up. But now you feel pain in the spot where your leg meets your body. It even hurts when you walk, go shopping, or try to do just about anything.

If that sounds familiar, it’s a sign you may have a hip problem. Arthritis or an injury are common causes. Many people with hip problems will feel discomfort in their groin area. That’s because the pain comes from the ball and socket, the bones that connect your thighs to your hips. When the cartilage that cushions the ball and socket wear down, you may need hip replacement surgery.

Such a decision requires thought, planning and expertise. The local, experienced and board-certified orthopaedic surgeons at Grand View Health will take a personal approach during every step of your healing journey. We’ll meet with you, review all your options, provide answers, and help you choose whether surgery is right for you.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about total hip replacement to help guide you: