Dr. Hurley was so calm and competent, which is exactly what we needed in a time of crisis.When Denise Kane heard the crash, she immediately ran to find her 24-year-old son Jack lying on his bedroom floor in shattered glass. The uncontrollable movements of an epileptic seizure had thrust him into a wall of framed photos. Jack was rushed to Grand View Health’s Department of Emergency Medicine, where he was treated for lacerations. James Hurley, MD, of Upper Bucks Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine, was also able to manipulate his dislocated shoulder back into place without surgery.

With two months of physical rehab ahead of him, Jack wouldn’t be able to swim or care for his horses, his two main passions. Jack has ridden therapeutic horses since he was 5 years old, responding so well that his family moved to a 10-acre Montgomery County farm, along with three horses, several cats and two dogs. Since then he has earned numerous horse show ribbons for riding therapeutic horses and is an able-bodied rider showing horses at the Garden State Paint Horse Club.

Following a full recovery, Jack was able to help stack 174 bales of hay and went on to win gold and bronze medals in Pennsylvania’s 2016 Special Olympics swimming competitions.

“Because of Jack’s epileptic condition, we jokingly refer to our family as Grand View frequent flyers,” quipped Denise. “We’ve been to the ED countless times and always have wonderful care. Dr. Hurley, too, was so calm and competent, which is exactly what we needed in a time of crisis.


James M. Hurley, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Upper Bucks Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine