People need to know that the Grand New You (GNY) is much more than a weight loss program!  I began attending the GNY program to learn about healthy life-style choices.  My goal was to learn how to manage my diabetes and high blood pressure more through diet and exercise; to lessen the need for medication.  I’m pleased to say that a year later, with the help of the information I learned in the GNY program, I am now taking just one oral medication for my diabetes (down from three) and my blood pressure medication has been reduced by more than half.


Great success with the Grand New You- I have had a struggle with my weight most of my life. I began vigorously exercising about 4 years ago and lost about 28 pounds. Then I hit a plateau. The reason for the plateau was that I was not focusing on nutrition. With the encouragement of my trainer, I joined the GRAND NEW YOU. I have found this program to be the solution to weight loss for me. The program teaches you to be cognizant of your eating behaviors. Through awareness, you can develop the ability to strategize, control and modify your food habits. The program also teaches the nutritional value of various foods and the potential harm in many foods. The registered dietician teaches the participants the meaning of the food labels. This session involves a group of people who are focused on improved health. These participants add to the program by their interaction and sharing of ideas. We encourage and learn from one another! The class participants are encouraged to bring food labels to class along with recipe recommendations.  

The second area of the program is managed by a exercise physiologist. Topics include: initiating exercise, sports attire, outdoor exercise regimens, weight training and the body’s reaction to exercise (such as heart rate, calorie burn, mets).  

There are five 10 week sessions of this program. After the first 20 weeks, I had lost 40 pounds. I started the session and have now lost 55 pounds and am at my optimum target weight based upon the BMI (body mass index).  I am convinced that the GRAND NEW YOU program can save a life. Thanks to the great staff at Grand View Hospital, it has definitely changed mine.

Karen from Harleysville

While at a routine visit at Grandview Hospital I found a brochure for Grand New You and the Lifestyle Fitness Center.  I decided to enroll in both programs.  I was hesitant at first, thinking it would be like the other programs I have joined.  Much to my surprise, I was wrong.  I have learned more about nutrition and exercise than ever before.  The combination of Grand New You and the Lifestyle Fitness Center is what can work for anyone who puts the effort into it.  The staff not only educates you, they empathize with you.  They are friendly, outgoing, and sometimes funny.  I always leave the group feeling refreshed, relaxed, and confident.  I know I can be successful with their support and encourgement.   

I have enrolled in another 10 weeks in Grand New You to help keep me on track.  For me, portion control, journaling, exercising and attending a support group will help me achieve my weight loss goals.

I will keep coming because of the great group of professionals and participants.  

Love the program,  Linda S.