December 1st, 2016

breast_center_hidden_scar_excellenceGrand View Health announced today its breast care program has been recognized as a Hidden Scar Center of Excellence for Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgery. Breast Surgical Oncologist, Monique A. Gary, DO, is among the first surgeons within the Grand View Health system to perform this advanced approach to breast cancer surgery that hides scars, minimizing the daily emotional reminder of a breast cancer diagnosis. Dr. Gary and Grand View Health are expanding options for women throughout Bucks and Montgomery counties with a procedure that effectively treats the cancer while optimizing cosmetic results.1

Each year, approximately 405,0002,3 women are diagnosed with breast cancer that requires surgery.  Many women are unaware of all the surgical options available, including minimally invasive approaches that can help restore their self-image and allow them to begin the emotional healing process. Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery allows Dr. Gary to remove the cancerous tissue through a single incision made in an inconspicuous area, preserving the natural shape of the breast while reducing visible scarring. Patients who undergo this approach experience optimal clinical and cosmetic outcomes, and are at no higher risk of recurrence than patients who undergo any other surgical technique.4

Breast health continues to be a top priority for Grand View Health. Grand View screens more than 15,000 women annually, while aiming to prevent, diagnose and treat patients with breast conditions through a multidisciplinary approach. The breast care program includes a variety of medical professionals specifically trained to care for and improve breast health. Grand View has been designated as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence by the American College of Radiology (ACR) and accredited by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC). Additionally, Grand View is nationally accredited by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer which all aid in advancing efforts to ensure patients receive the high quality care they deserve close to home.

“One of the most common words associated with a breast cancer diagnosis is ‘FEAR,’” said Dr. Gary. “We are afraid to get mammograms, afraid of what the diagnosis means for our families and our lives. We fear the physical stigmata of breast cancer, and in fact, 7 out of 10 patients are never even told their reconstructive options. It is our hope that the Hidden Scar program helps women transition from fear to confidence, enabling them to look and feel whole throughout the survivorship process.”

Performing breast cancer surgery through a smaller incision requires consistent illumination throughout the surgical cavity, so surgeons can clearly see and effectively remove the tumor.

Grand View Health is using Invuity’s Intelligent Photonics™ technology to improve visibility during procedures such as lumpectomy and nipple sparing mastectomy – enabling them to perform complex, in-demand surgeries with greater confidence, and give more women access to transformative options.

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About Grand View Health:

Grand View Health is a community health system that has served generations of Bucks and Montgomery County residents since 1913. Committed to leading the community to a healthier future, Grand View offers inpatient and outpatient services in the areas of cancer, cardiology, orthopaedics, post-acute care, surgery and women’s and children’s health. For more information, visit

About Invuity, Inc. (Nasdaq: IVTY):
Invuity, Inc. is a medical technology company focused on developing and marketing advanced photonics devices to improve the ability of surgeons to illuminate and visualize the surgical cavity during open minimally invasive and minimal access surgery. The company’s patented Intelligent Photonics™ technology enables enhanced surgical precision, efficiency and safety by providing superior visualization. Clinical applications include breast and thyroid oncology, plastic reconstructive, spine, orthopedic, cardiothoracic and general surgery among others. Invuity is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. For more information, visit


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