Birth and Family Center

For Danielle Besch, Grand View Health feels like home. She was born at the hospital and grew up in the local area. That’s why she chose to have both her babies here, even though she now lives an hour away. “We drove past plenty of hospitals on our way to give birth, but I wouldn’t consider having my babies anywhere, but Grand View,” says Danielle.

Danielle had her first baby, Spencer, via emergency cesarean section at Grand View in 2016. Even though she says it was a nerve wracking experience, everyone, from the doctors to the nurses, put her at ease and took such great care of her and her son. So when she was expecting her second baby two years later, she knew it was worth the drive to deliver at Grand View. “I knew if something were to go wrong again the second time around, I would be in good hands at Grand View.”

Her son, Tyler, was born at Grand View in 2018 and Danielle says once again she received excellent care. The jury’s still out on whether Danielle and her husband will have a third baby, but one thing is for sure: “If we do decide to have one more baby, it will definitely be at Grand View.”

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