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Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Technology

July 16th, 2014

By: J. Mark Horne, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer |

Grand View took an exciting step in advancing cancer treatment technology on June 18. On that Wednesday morning, Bucks County’s first hospital became the first hospital in Pennsylvania to offer the latest in precision radiation treatment when a patient was treated on our new Versa HD™ linear accelerator, a revolutionary radiation treatment system. This is a tremendous accomplishment!

Our exceptional team is led by Martin Hightower, MD, chairman of radiation oncology, and Dorothy Barwis, department manager. This team, along with the remaining staff, was vital in making this a smooth transition for patients. I appreciated their flexibility and determination as they adapted to new processes and learned new technology while maintaining a full patient schedule.

In addition to the new equipment, the department installed its first electronic medical record (EMR), MOSAIQ®, which interfaces with Meditech and virtually any treatment planning system. The EMR allows for improved communication within the department, interfaces with the hospital’s EMR, and provides for electronic communication with our physicians.

With the acquisition of the Versa HD, Grand View invested in the future while demonstrating our commitment to providing the best care for our patients. As the first fully-digital, high dose rate machine in the state, the new system enables us to treat patients with precision radiation in the form of stereotactic treatments. On an annual basis, almost 6,000 treatments are administered in radiation oncology.

The Versa HD leverages the latest advances in technology to enable sophisticated approaches to traditionally challenging cases. The system’s patented technology provides superior conformance to tumor size, shape and volume, allowing Grand View clinicians to administer higher dose rates to enhance treatment effectiveness while protecting vital organs such as the heart or bladder. The result is faster treatment times, minimizing the risk of movement by patients who are receiving treatment in the vicinity of vital organs. In addition, built-in x-ray imaging is used to take images of the treatment site. These images are used to verify a patient’s position on the table and accuracy of the treatment beam.

The machine’s enhanced patient safety features reflect carefully conceived design innovations while enabling expanded patient treatment capabilities. With the Versa HD, Grand View Hospital opens the door to today’s advanced cancer treatments for patients in upper Bucks and northeastern Montgomery counties.


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