To download a copy of Grand View Health’s chargemaster which lists charges for procedures and services, click here. To download a copy of procedures and services by Diagnosis-related Groups (DRGs) which lists Grand View Health’s average charges, click here.

It’s important to understand that what you pay for a procedure or service is dependent upon several factors including:

  • benefits covered by your insurance plan
  • deductible amount
  • co-insurance or co-payments

The charges shown here provide some general guidance, however your insurance carrier has likely negotiated to pay a lesser amount. Therefore, your ultimate financial liability is more closely tied to your insurance coverage and benefits than these charges.

To ensure you have the most comprehensive picture of charges, we recommend:

  • You first consult with your health insurer to assist you in determining your financial responsibility for any service you are considering at our hospital.
  • And then contact Grand View Patient Financial Services at 215-453-4608 or Patient Billing at 215-453-4613 to answer any remaining questions about out-of-pocket costs.

Click on the video to learn more about understanding charges.