breast_center_excellenceA breast cancer diagnosis can be emotional and overwhelming. At Grand View Health, our comprehensive breast care team will support you through a collaborative journey toward healing and opportunity.

Leading this journey will be Breast Surgical Oncologist, Monique A. Gary, DO, FACS. Fellowship-trained in a variety of breast surgical oncoplastic techniques and a Certified Hidden Scar™ Breast Cancer Surgeon, Dr. Gary takes a breast conservation approach to surgery whenever possible. She also specializes in nipple-sparing mastectomies, which provide better cosmetic outcomes for patients.

Not only is your journey led by an experienced surgeon, but
continues on with a compassionate breast care navigator. The navigator is your on-site advocate who will facilitate your care, while guiding you through the diagnostic and treatment processes along the way.

Breast Surgical Treatments

  • Partial Mastectomy/Lumpectomy: Removes the tumor rather than the entire breast. The surgeon removes all of the cancer, plus a margin of normal tissue around the tumor. Often, lymph nodes under the arm are removed to see if they contain cancer cells.
  • Mastectomy: Removes the entire breast containing the cancer, as well as some lymph nodes from under the arm.
    • Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy: Preserves the skin envelope and nipple areola. Only the underlying breast tissue is removed.
  • Breast Reconstructive Surgery: Creates breast mounds closely matching one’s natural breast in form and appearance.